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The Mapping your life for Change ? are you living your life on Purpose? New choices new directions.

There is an old saying "if you don?t know where you?re going you?ll probably end up somewhere else" has great relevance to Mapping YOUR Life for ChangeTM ? Living your life on Purpose. Why?

How often do we take time to plan our holiday? How long do we take to plan a wedding; yet how much time is spent on planning the marriage? How long do we take planning to set up a business; and then planning to stay in business? How long to we plan for having a family; and then how much time do we take planning with the family? This is an opportunity for you to build a snapshot of your actions or "LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE" for all facets of your life.

Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM will act as a compass and provide you with the tools to ?check-in? with your own progress and set your course direction. We believe creating, is in the doing which is why we have created a ?doing book?.

And the best part is, you do not need to have any pre-set plans, thoughts or ideas as to what it is you really want in your life!

Simply put, Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM is your compass to LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE is the map.

Daily, we live our life by making decisions based on logic and analysis, insight and flashes of intuition. Whilst some people are analytically based in their decision making, others use a more intuitive method. Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM works!

It is designed to allow your normal decision making processes to be applied directly to life planning. All you need to do is read the question and go with your initial response or answer as you normally would. Some responses may be easy whilst others may seem to be huge undertaking. Some may be pressingly urgent, others important but not urgent, some answers may amaze, surprise, delight and excite you as you complete the Discovery Phase. In every case your responses will be relevant to you; LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE! Each Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM is unique, individual and personal. The use of picture symbols gives a graphic key to the decisions you have made. When placed within the Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM format they combine to give a clear picture (a compass and map) for LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE! The circular nature of Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM demonstrates the fullness and balance of life.

How does all this work and How do I discover and clarify LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE?

There are three phases to the map:

Phase 1: Discovery

Imagine for a moment that you were one of the early explorers and the only tools available were the compass, the stars and the land to guide you on your journey.

In the Discovery Phase you complete a discovery sheet by marking boxes which describe your response to a set of questions of the 4 areas of your life,. These include:

  • Life's Relationships
  • self and well- Being
  • Community and Humanity
  • Business and Career
You create a whole of life picture for yourself of where your direction and intentions. There is no right or wrong answer and no scoring. There are only your responses relevant to you at this time

Use coloured pens, select and stick picture symbols and have fun whilst you discover and clarify your actions and intentions for your Life?s Purpose.

Phase 2: Design
Having completed the Discovery Phase you move to the Design Phase which involves creative fun. Here you choose picture symbols to match your responses made in the Discovery Phase. You place the picture symbols on the Mapping YOUR Life for a Change?, located on the page before the calendar, to create a clear picture for LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE!

This diagnostic tool creates the opportunity for you to design your visual compass of your Life?s PURPOSE. (You may still want to consult the stars if you?re into astrology!)

Phase 3: Action Plan for you to implement in a 12 month timeframe recorded in monthly sections.

What are these specific areas in Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM?

Firstly, let us look at what Mapping YOUR Life for ChangeTM is, by working each word one at a time.

Life can be defined as an accumulation of our personal experiences. We all have filters through which we view the world and all information is received by our 5 senses. It is how we interpret this information either how we hear, think, feel, see, touch and smell the information that gives it meaning to us so we can create our own world view.

Mapping can be defined as a means of visually describing the characteristics of a specific area or location. We can then use the current information to build a plan for our future actions.

Change for some people change means a sense of loss while for others it's an adventure. Would it be possible to consider change = learning. When we learn something new big or small, we change.

Mapping YOUR Life for a ChangeTM has FIVE key areas.

Area 1: Self and Wellbeing with the focus on creating your "PURPOSE" in your personal life, including your personal health.

Area 2: The focus is on creating your ?ideal? relationships in all aspects of your life.

Area 3: Community and Humanity, a broad area which begins outside your front door and encompasses your contribution to the world

Area 4: Career and Business with the focus on creating your "PURPOSE" for financial wealth and work environments.

Area 5: The centre of the circle: This is the "inner you" that some call the "Essence of Being" or LIVING ON PURPOSE. Other names are the Unconscious, the SELF and Spirit and the ID (inner desires). No matter you may call this Centre, we have all experienced its presence from the involuntary beating of our heart through to flashes of insight, intuition and the serendipity some call coincidence!


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