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Transforming high potential individuals into high performing leaders

Much of the focus of any project manager is the focus on 'getting the job done' within budget, within scope, on time and with quality. And yet why do over 70% of projects fail to deliver what they promise or remain incomplete? How can a leader harness the expertise of their team and lead them to grow?

Coaching College - Mapping My Life for Change

We believe there are several steps to create effective and sustainable leadership within an organisation:

  1. Ensure the leaders have a clear vision.
  2. Align the culture and values to the vision.
  3. Take a 'distributed leadership' approach to developing leadership within an organisation.
  4. Implement your vision by Inspiring, Involving and Influencing team members to succeed.

Up until now the field of leadership development has been a fragmented collection of theories and practices. Distributed Leadership has taken the best of what has been learned over the last half century and woven it into the first Unified Theory of Leadership Development to arise in the field. Based on this unique framework, we offer a complete and integrated System of Leadership Development. The combination is unparalleled.
We support leadership transformational-change that evolves authentically from the inside out. We offer tools, methodology, and support for deepening the conversation with leaders so that change can occur on a deep, significant, life-altering level 'Distributed Leadership' is a communication system and process by which the organisation learns and develops leaders, at all three levels of the organisation. This program results in leaders who share and drive the vision and demonstrate the workplace values in all they say and do.

Using Distributed Leadership across the three dimensions of an organisation creating inspiring and empowered transformational leaders. By engaging the many rather than the few this leadership activity is at the heart of Coaching College's The Lead PrincipleTM. Distributed Leadership is exactly as the name implies. It takes a holistic approach to distributing the role and responsibility of leadership across the whole organisation. That is a rapid, sustainable and measurable approach to leadership resulting in increased production, less workplace conflict and a quantified return on investment.

Coaching College's Distributed Leadership Model: The Lead PrincipleTM includes essential traits - Inspire, Influence and Involve - for a high-performing workplace culture.
Our 'wisdom' tells us that workplace culture either drives or blocks workplace innovation and business growth.
Effective leadership is a key driver of innovation and creation of high performing teams--particularly when aligned with organisational culture.
Recognising this inextricable link, Coaching Colleges powerful and transformational approach to leadership development has inspired hundreds of clients to cultivate their leadership capabilities across the three tiers of an organisation creating a WIN / WIN situation.
Participants learn and businesses earn a return on their investment in their people. Despite these and many other instances, managers and leaders often focus on organisational structure, job functions, management processes and capital expenditure as the main drivers of innovation.
Organisational culture refers to the underlying values, beliefs and principles that serve as a foundation for an organisation's management system as well as the management practices and behaviors that exemplify and reinforce those principles. While organisational culture encompasses various elements, high-performing workplace culture organisations have certain elements in common.

We provide a unique springboard for frontline and mid-level leaders and/ or managers to explore at a deep level their own strengths, areas for practise as they relate to building and maintaining highly effective teams and driving business results. We are well known and respected for creating a learning environment which has its own 'safety net' that inspires, influences and involves learners with a 'fail safe to learn quickly' approach to innovative learning and practical application in the workplace.

The Lead PrincipleTM has several programs aligned to it.
Wheels of Change Program is the catalyst that underpins our model of leadership.

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