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For many people change = a sense of loss. We believe change = learning.

We inspire, influence and involve our clients to work with us a collaborative partnership to how their workplace culture can inspire, influence and involve all leaders and potential leaders to create a high performing workplace culture with sustainable solutions.

We believe in a Turnkey Solution

A turnkey solution is a particular type of system easily implemented into any current business processes. A turnkey solution is immediately ready to use upon implementation.

Coaching College is a multiple award winning company and are recognised experts in noticing what others overlook and create powerful, transferrable and sustainable workplace culture solutions.
Coaching College, according to their clients, provides the best example of a Turnkey Workplace Culture Change Business Solution through The Lead Principle. The Lead Principle is a blueprint for Distributed Leadership, which Coaching College has successfully implemented as a turnkey workplace culture change business solution for over 20 years.

Business can no longer rely on traditional strategies of scale, efficiency and personnel capabilities and competencies as increasing volatility globally is impacting how business must be conducted locally.
Companies must challenge their mode of operation and consider how they can reinvent and innovate inside their organisation to keep pace with the rate of change on the outside.

What is Distributed Leadership?
Coaching College's underpinning assumptions implies that leadership can be broad based, stretched and extended to meet the requirements of the network or networks it serves.
Distributed Leadership is concerned with two things:

  1. The process of leadership - how leadership occurs within the organisation
  2. Leadership activity - how leadership is enhanced and developed across the organisation
Engaging the many, rather than the few, in leadership activity is at the heart of distributed leadership in very practical terms it will require the creation of the internal conditions where it can thrive. It will necessitate the creation of time, space and opportunity for groups to meet, plan and reflect. The result is harnessing the expertise of each team member at all levels of the organisation which leads to increased performance and continuous improvement, for the individual, the team and the organisation.

Our focus and responsibility at Coaching College:
Is to work collaboratively with their clients and its leaders to build sustainable capabilities within their teams to inspire, influence and involve their teams to mobilise for new approaches to new challenges.

  • Is to define our success by your results. We measure the return on your investment by managing the results.
  • Is to 'tap into' your team's human potential to and maximize the success of implementing the strategy.
  • Is to ensure we provide specific and relevant Turnkey solutions aligned with your organisation's goals, aspirations and strategies.
  • Is to ensure you are provided with a customised Turnkey solution. Each program is uniquely designed and developed to deliver on your expectations, which matches the agreed and desired outcome.

Leadership today!
We know and understand the game of leadership has changed. Today's leaders are required to be counsellors, teachers and mediators who are adaptable and responsive to every situation. They must be like a finely tuned tennis player, always on their toes and ready to move in the direction of whatever ball is coming next. They are responsible for consistently and constantly developing their skills. Every organisation must access 100% of the talent pool to find the best fit for each leadership position.
Effective leadership is critical for an organisation's success. Market analysts value effective leadership by awarding a 'leadership premium' of up to 15.7% of company share price for good leadership, and a discount of 19.8% for ineffective leadership.
Despite the importance of leadership capability on the bottom line, 50% of HR executives say their leadership development programs are ineffective or don't provide significant lasting benefits. In fact, 86% of HR and business leaders surveyed by Deloitte, cited leadership as one of their most important challenges.

Leadership development in Australia needs an overhaul.
Companies are struggling to develop their leadership capabilities, which is essential for a business's success now and for the future.

How do ensure your newly appointed leaders fit your culture?
What do you do specifically to ensure this happens seamlessly for everyone?
How do you manage the rumblings when the newly appointed leaders does not fit?
How do organisations measure how well they are doing at any point in time?

Coaching College offers the real possibility of looking at leadership through a new and alternative lens that challenges some strongly held views regarding the nature of leadership.
Every program inspires your participants to adopt this perspective and what you will notice as a result is a dismantling of any barriers between leaders and their team which may have blocked success in the past.

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