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6 Week O.P.T.I.O.N.S. Coaching and Mentoring

6 weeks of Laser Coaching and Mentoring to Fast Track your intentions for Success!
We are a multiple award winning company with a proven track record who are recognised experts in creating 'GAME CHANGING SOLUTIONS' for your business.

"Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
The Cheshire Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
Alice: I don't much care where.
The Cheshire Cat: Then it doesn't much matter which way you go."
- Alice in Wonderland

Are you like Alice or the Cheshire Cat?
Alice - still wondering what is down the many rabbit holes she explores on an hourly or daily basis? She is unsure of which direction to head as she has not developed her vision.
Or are you like the Cheshire Cat - providing direction to a leader without a vision and so are left uncertain of which way to go.

  • How clear is your direction?
  • Do you know what success looks like for you?
  • And do you know the way to get there?
  • Are you afraid of what success might look like for yourself?

Denise Archie (HFTGN), CEO of Coaching College, was recently admitted as an Honorary Fellow of the Teachers' Guild of NSW in recognition of her commitment, innovation and passion as an educator for over 30 years, from the classroom to the boardroom. Denise's unique approach inspires others to see some call potential, the 'magic' within themselves. Coaching College is a multiple award winning company for their Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Programs and is based in Sydney. Denise is recognised as one of Australia's leading experts as a Coach and Mentor as a 'Game Changer for Workplace Culture Behaviour'.
Denise shares her enthusiasm for learning and organisational change management underpinned by the philosophy of encouraging participants to 'fail safely to learn quickly'. This influences and ensures 'challenging moments' turn into 'AH HA' learnings for all participants personally and professionally.

Your true identity, is when you step into yourself, share your joy and pride with who you are, what you do and how you positively impact the world around you to leave your legacy!

What does the remainder of 2017 have in store for you? Will you make it happen or let it happen?

  • For your career?
  • For your Business?
  • Your untapped potential as a Leader?
  • Your team's motivation?
  • Your effectiveness as a Project Leader?
  • Your life?

There are 5 places left for people who are serious about becoming STEPPING UP FOR LASER COACHING to FAST TRACK your intentions for the remainder of 2017. I invite you to join me on a special 6 weeks exceptional and life-changing Coaching or Mentoring JOURNEY. It will all begin with a one-on-one interview with me, Denise Archie to determine your suitability for this exceptional 2 hours per week x 6 weeks 'Fast track your success Coaching and Mentoring Program'.
The reason I say SUITABILITY is to ensure you are 100% committed to your success as much as I am.
You'll discover, learn, practise then action the strategies to accelerated your success!
Coaching College's OPTIONS Model of Coaching and Mentoring is a unique solutions focus framework underpinned by Neuro Linguistic Programming and Accelerated Learning Techniques and 'Acceptance and Commitment Therapy'.
If you are accepted to join this special group, you will be personally trained and mentored by Denise Archie

We are a multiple award winning company with a proven track record who are recognised experts in creating 'GAME CHANGING SOLUTIONS' for your business. We work with YOU to create the best solutions to ensure we achieve your business goals.

Customised Workplace Culture Solutions:
We design a tailored solution, methodology and framework to meet YOUR business goals vision and values.

Experts at Implementing Seamless Solutions:
We align your Vision, Values and culture with your strategic intent with the implementation approach and roll out schedule. We align your solution with how your organisation actually works in your marketplace and contribute to your competitive advantage.

6 Week Coaching
$1850.00 AUD

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