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Over 60% of all course participant's projects have been award recipients either internally or nationally.

This builds cross functional group cohesiveness and improved communication. We conducted a similar programs for TNT, Arrium/OneSteel, BIS Industries, Valence Industries, Harsco Metals, Pacific National and more - we had warehouse representatives, administration and store Managers (depot Managers) they formed groups of 20 and we had 2 groups running consecutively. At times the participants swapped their groups and this increased the communication across the whole business.
This model provides the framework for building leadership competencies across the business.
The model works in any industry. The content is different as are the assessment tasks.

(Eddie had never touched a computer prior to our program. He implemented a customer service training program for his supplier that reduced waste by over 40% and improved efficiency.)
Eddie Healey was awarded Transport and Logistics industry skills council Trainee of the Year for his action learning work based project. His project contributed to both the improved safety for their organisation and their customers organisation. Prior to our leadership development program Eddie had never opened a computer, trained others or presented to senior leaders of his company. He was a person who turned up did his work for 30 years and went home. There was a new GM (Dan Tucker) who I had worked with previously who invited me to create something that would work towards a culture change. We started with a survey to see if anyone wanted to learn computers. 20 people had their hands up. From here we created a program that combined their interests from Leadership to Workplace Health and Safety and workplace trainer /assessor.
Eddie's specific project contributed to over 35% reduction in waste and rework. Improved safety and relationships with their major customer to load the billets on the wagons.
TLISC 2014 Awards for Excellence Winners

One participant had been in the company for over 32 years - brilliant at her work, no relationship with others. She had been wanting to secure a cap ex for over 8 years for critical work. She never felt listened to our included in any decisions. Everyone did their best to avoid her. During our program she 'transformed' to a pleasant, well groomed, collaborative team player.
After the program she was rewarded with a cap ex of $1million dollars to implement her workbased project. She is now a respected and critical member of the team. Their team won a national award for safety improvement.

(Luke's testimonial. He is now on the senior lead team and his project has been implemented across the whole organisation as the model for culture change).
"I guess learning is a personal experience and by experience I mean a journey. We are all wired differently and by that I mean we all respond to differing delivery approaches to content and subsequently, how we respond to how that information is presented. I have completed like for like courses that render similar credentials to that of the Frontline Leadership program, both through tertiary institutions as well as bespoke company training programs, but I guess in reflection whilst I obtained the qualification I hadn't really gained what I gained through Denise's program.
Coming from a project background, working with and for the majors on significant mining infrastructure projects in WA, SA & NT, one focus of the program is to begin to appreciate the multi-faceted, multi-disciplined world of project management. I had preconceptions about the program, its content and intent, and I thought to myself that this is information that is already well known and in practice and that it had little to offer a person such as myself. Working through the initial module of the program, I quickly realised that the other critical teaching of the program amongst other things was to understand who I was, why I was the way I am, why I make the decisions I do and how I am perceived by others. The emotional intelligence learnings were and remain even after the program, incredibly powerful and have given me an insight into the things I do well, and where my areas for improvement really lied. It is incredibly confronting to those who are truly open to the experience of a 'mirror up' experience, and I certainly am a much more influential and respected leader in everything I do now. That leadership and self-understanding extends past the workplace and into my family life, where I now have a better appreciation of the perception of my behaviours to my family, but also an insight into how my family behave, and the drivers behind that behaviour. My project really morphed throughout the program (as they do) from all encompassing, a niche focus, back to everything and then to the intangible. My project focussed on cultural change within a business, which was incredibly hard to demonstrate into the tangible where people could get on board (touch it and feel it) and reason with the intent and how they could participate. Through the program it opened up huge networking opportunities throughout the business and gave the business a new insight into me as a person and as a leader, and that perhaps I had more to value to add outside of positional context.
After a lot of reservation about undertaking the program (and the whinging along the way), I would be very disappointed in myself if I hadn't pursued and completed the program. It truly is a unique way to approach frontline leadership and has had a massive impact on me as an individual and also to me as a person."

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