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Using Coaching College 'The Leadership Principle' works across the three dimensions of an organisation creating inspiring and empowered transformational leaders. By engaging the many rather than the few this leadership activity is at the heart of Coaching College's The Leadership Principle.

There are several steps to The Leadership Principle's model to create effective and sustainable leadership within an organisation.

  1. Ensure the leaders have a clear vision
  2. Align the culture and values to the vision
  3. Take a 'distributed leadership' approach to developing leadership within an organisation
The Leadership PrincipleTM has several programs aligned to it.

The Leadership PrincipleTM Learning Programs

All our programs are holistically connected. We provide learning for leadership transformation across the three dimensions of an organisation.

From the executive leadership team providing the strategic intent, to the middle management (commonly referred to as change agents) who provide the tactical responses to the operators on the shop floor.

Our learning programs create Transformational Leaders who evolve authentically from the inside out.

The Leadership Principle Programs provide tools, methodology, and a framework for meaningful conversation between peers and leaders so that learning/change can occur on a deep, significant and life-altering level.

The Leadership Principle offers world class tools and methodologies tools for individuals, teams and executive leaders

The Leadership PrincipleTM is a Distributed Leadership framework for leaders grounded in interpersonal and behavioural dynamics central to building a leader's capability to inspire, influence and involve cross functional teams to deliver successful project outcomes and organisational KPI's.

The Leadership PrincipleTM is a practical approach to change management that successfully solves a business dilemma. It provides leaders and potential leaders the real possibility of viewing leadership through a new and alternative lens that challenges many strongly held views regarding the nature of leadership.

The Leadership PrincipleTM is a communication system and process by which the organisation learns and develops resulting in a higher level of engaged team members across all levels of the business. It's Change Management in Action!

Coaching College Programs

The Leadership PrincipleTM Short Courses Series

FAST TRACK to Leadership: Fearless Leadership Essentials for New & Emerging Leaders

Fearless Leadership Pro for Established Leaders

Fearless Facilitation:
A Play in 3 Acts for Trainers & Facilitators

Courageous Coaching Conversations

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