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Coaching College is a multiple award winning company with a proven track record who are recognised experts in creating 'GAME CHANGING SOLUTIONS' for your business.

Wheels of Change is a strong personal development program with a heavy focus on self-actualisation. Participants develop self-awareness of their operating styles, including how to manage up to impact results. To understand the impact of themselves on themselves and others as they continued on their journey of self-discovery. Coaching College is easy to work with and flexible and adaptable to crisis management within the business. Coaching College really provides a 'turnkey result'. (One of our 'old timers' who had never used a computer was a finalist in the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council for his innovative project: TLISC 2014 Awards for Excellence Winners)
Dan Tucker
South Australia Area, Australia - Operations Director Australia

OneSteel's Mines and Export business has engaged the professional services of Denise and her Coaching College for the past 5 years facilitating a Frontline Leadership Program with now 9 groups of leaders in our business. Denise brings a passion and flair that has a life changing influence on these groups of individuals that is so profound that I know to this day she still receives emails from wives of participants thanking her for the positive influence she has made to their husband / partners lives. Personally observing the monthly presentations the participants deliver is a great metric to observe the growth, confidence and self belief they develop through this program.
She works with these personnel over an extended period with resilience and compassion that despite the reluctance from many participants, has seen her achieve 95% completion.
This is truly the most powerful and life changing development course we could offer in our business on the basis that it provides the time frame to embed new belief and behaviour, and engages next level leaders as mentors to share the journey and ensure appropriate behaviours and learning's are both shared and appreciated. The group dynamic instils the appropriate tension and momentum to succeed.
Graduates of this program continue to grow as exceptional leaders in our business, with no surprise seeing many of these individuals again nominated and winners this year in our various leadership recognition awards at our safety and customer award night. This is a small example of some great ongoing success our business is being noted for which directly correlates to the leadership strength we have been able to embed across the Mines and Export business.
Gavin Hobart
GM Mining Resource Opt & Development
OneSteel Whyalla

During the last couple of years I have been lucky to have been given the opportunity to study the Cert 4 in Training and Assessment and the Cert IV in Frontline Leadership. The learning experience of these two courses was amazing - it was like no other training I have ever received. Both courses were facilitated and coached by Coaching College, and with their help, guidance and exceptional delivery I have personally and professionally grown and have gained a confidence and attitude I had not previously known. The realisation and invaluable experience and development I have gained has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me. I would thoroughly recommend Coaching College to any business or individual looking at self and/or professional development. 'Discover the real diamond' .
(My project was a finalist in the Arrium/OneSteel Excellence Awards)
Dale Smith
Re-Con Project Manager

I learnt about the importance of goal setting and having a vision. I had to create a vision for a project, which aligned to the goals of the business. As a part of the course I was required to lead a project team to implement my vision. The main learnings I had were in engaging a team, sharing and gaining support of my vision, engaging stakeholders, review findings of projects and the importance of change management. I also learned the importance of KPI's, management styles, ownership and involvement of work groups, delegation, communicating expectations, positive influence and having a plan or backup task list. The Lead Principle program highlighted my strengths and from there I was able to improve and build on my leadership skills. (My project won the Arrium/OneSteel Academy Award for innovation 2013)
Kerryn Rodda
Export Controller - Export Operations

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